Avvo.com reviews are fake

Today I learned that the reviews on Avvo.com are fake, or at least, that it is impossible to leave critical reviews, so the star ratings are fake. Basically, if you write a negative review, you will get a denial like this:

“Simply accused Lauren Hackett of criminal activity or unethical behavior without providing factual details.”

The site won’t actually let you submit more factual details. I submitted multiple reviews of Ross Smith, and all were denied, and then my review of Lauren Hackett was taken down after I tried to appeal. I imagine the site exists to charge lawyers for positive reviews, and mislead the public, who doesn’t pay them. You can’t even write reviews that include information that is 100% public record, because there is no way to submit public records information, such as docket sheets to show how many times a hearing was rescheduled.

So be careful out there, and if you are going to trust reviews, trust Google reviews, not Avvo.

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